We founded Arete Aquatic Services with one goal in mind: giving our swimmers the best, most rewarding learning experience.
Arete Aquatic Services is based in New Jersey and reflects the vibrant energy of the sport of swimming. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help athletes achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today!


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Arete Aquatic Services conducts innovative camps, inspiring clinics and informative seminars for the swimmer, the swim team and coaches. AAS also publishes books that educate and inspire not only swimmers and coaches but parents and officials as well.


Swim Camp


Swim Clinics

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At our week-long swim camps, we teach stroke technique from the inside out. Body line & balance first, propulsion second. As a part of our program, we train our swimmers to use the reciprocal of inhibition to overcome bad habits. As a trademark of our ARETE Swim Camp, each swimmer will have access to their underwater video and will take home a camp handbook with tips and notes.

These clinics are 2.5-hour sessions designed to focus on specific skills in swimming. In each clinic 180 minutes or so each swimmer is brought to the best level they can possibly get to see it again to see their progress and note what to continue to work on.

Our Executive Director, Coach Warner, has written several books detailing the narratives of great swimmers and coaches throughout history. All of his books are now available for purchase directly through our site.