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Coach Warner

Frankie wanted me to email you to let you know that dropped 2 seconds in the 100 fly tonight . She was so proud and had such a wonderful time with you at camp, so we wanted to thank you. First thing she said in the car home was that Chuck said to let him know how I'm doing from time to time, so will you tell him? So I'm telling you! 


Coach Warner,

I just wanted to send you a thank you for all the work you and your coaching staff did with my 10 year old daughter Grace N. during the Super Skills Clinic.  ....Before the clinic, Grace was a bronze level swimmer, but she is now a few seconds short of being a gold level swimmer.  Your coaching staff made a significant impact on how she trains and competes.  She continuously talks about how she tries all the techniques your coaching staff showed her during the clinic and how she applies them at practice.  Although she has always loved to swim, she has now discovered the competitive side of swimming.  Grace wanted me to make sure I thanked you, coach Kirsten Hinds and coach Jessie for all of the help you provided during the camp.




Hi Chuck,

I wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful, educational and inspiring camp experience this week.

Aidan had lots of fun and was inspired to grow as a swimmer. He spoke so highly of you and your time. We look forward to participating in more Arete events.

Warm regards,



Dear Chuck,

.....His underwater video has been very helpful for him to be able to visually see the things he needs to work on and to be able to see his strengths is also valuable.  The last day of camp he was preparing for bed and took off his green bracelet and I noticed there were tears in his eyes.  When I asked him what was wrong he told me he was sad that his camp was over and he wished he could go to Arete camp everyday.....

Ben's Mom



That was the best two and one half hours (clinic) I've ever seen in well organized and so productive.

Sara T.


Hi Chuck:

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my daughter  had a great experience this week at camp. She has been struggling with her time recently and has even talked about not swimming in high school. She has been going to your camp the last 4 years and I hoped it would help her.

On the ride home she could not stop talking about how much fun she had. She also told me that you gave her some great pointers on how to fix some things. She is so energized and actually excited to participate on her summer swim team meet today.

Debbie F. 


Coach Warner,

You gave my daughter exactly what you said you would in your information. Thank you so much for a great learning experience for her and please keep us informed of other opportunities to learn from Arete!

Rick M.


Every day he came home tired but very excited about the day's events. He would tell me all about it so enthusiastically in the car on our drive home. He loved the rope climbing the night he stayed late too.  I personally enjoyed his book and the tape he received today. I was also impressed with Sean knowing I was his Mom with so many parents coming & going each day when I would pick him up. Tyler is really looking forward to next year's camp.

Thanks again for everything.  I wish you much success in & out of the water!

Diane P. B.


Dear Coach Warner,

...many parents asked me about the big improvement he has and I told them about the Arete Swim Camp. 

Thank you and good luck with your new adventure, I'm sure lots of kids are looking forward to learning more from you!



Arete Staff: Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful week. 



Every time my son comes back from the Arete Swim Camp the improvement is just amazing!

Joe H.



I know that complaints are often voiced easily, however, I want you and your staff to know what a fine job you are doing.  My kids absolutely love the camp and have benefited greatly.  They look forward to coming to ARETE all year long!!

Keep up the good work



I am Danielle  MOM...I just wanted to thankyou again for a SUPER job...I am going to recommend to Danielle's swim team, the SSs, that they VERY strongly endorse Arete for their swimmers..I'll just be sure to have Danielle signed up 1st!! I could probably spend the better part of my day singing ure praises...but just suffice it to say that there is NOTHING I can possibly criticize...thanks again to you, Chuck, and all of the coaches for your time and effort...Danielle was radiantly happy and will be organizing her (next summer) around attending Arete for all weeks available...we have a new mantra at our house..."perfect practice makes perfect".....thankyou...ME

I want to thank all you who work for Arete Swim Camp.

From the moment I drove onto the Campus, I had a feeling I had chosen the right camp for my daughter.

Jackie was very impressed with the staff's education as well as their swimming successes.  It's great to have my child exposed to such fine role models.  When I picked her up Monday evening, she could not stop talking about what a great time she had.  Jackie adjectives to describe her day were “cool, totally awesome, fun”.  Those words, along with her great big smile,  gave me great satisfaction that I had her in the right place.

Jackie wants to come back next year and I'll make sure that she does.

Thanks again,

Erin R.



Hello Chuck

My son James attended Session 2 of Arete Swim Camp as a resident camper for the third year running. He came home really excited about his swimming and said how much he had learned this year. He felt his starts, turns, breaststroke, and fly had particularly improved and he said how you had discussed with him the importance of his dolphin kick off the wall.... On the evening of his last day, he swam in a summer meet and swum the best I had

Arete Swim Camp has been a very positive experience for James and his friends from the YMCA.

Many thanks,

Diane R.

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