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Soft cover biography by Chuck Warner, with Dana Abbott, detailing the sucesses of Eddie Reese not only in swimming, but in the way he teaches his swimmer's life lessons. 

Eddie Reese: Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life

  • Eddie Reese is one of the most successful and effective coaches in sports history. His method of building his swimmers character first has resulted in unprecedented success at The University of Texas including: 

    • 14 DI Men's Team Titles - a record
    • 25 D1 Men's Team Top 2 Finishes - a record
    • 39 Olympic Gold Medals. 

    The book contains:

    • 130 "Eddie isms" that provide in his own words some of his wit and wisdom.
    • Over 50 stories from past swimmers and coaching colleagues. 
    • Technique tips. 
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