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To celebrate Eddie Reese's final month of collegiate coaching we are offering the Eddie Reese Audio Book and the iconic "Four Champions, One Gold Medal" (for sale on Amazon for $230) in combination for just $22.45 . 


We’re going a little crazy counting down the last 30 days of Eddie Reese’s college coaching career. Starting March 1, is offering 90% off the Amazon price for the ECR Audio Book and Four Champions, Gold Medal marked down from 264 to just 22.45. This is 50% mark down from where these two books retail for Audio 14.95, Four Champions 29.95 or 44.90.


Do you have a “swimming library?” Why not always have access to the Eddie Reese Audio Book on your phone/computer and dive into one of the best swimming stories ever known, leading up to the 2024 NCAA?


Eddie Reese has said about Four Champions, “Parents, swimmers and non- swimmers can learn some of life’s tougher lessons from this book. If you are not connected with THE SPORT just pass over all the numbers and enjoy a special real story four greats of their time and sport. If you are caught up in the world of swimming, read every word and number then write these four guys and thank them for what they did.”


10 Best Quotes from Four Champions.


Former USA National Team Director Dennis Pursley describes Four Champions, “I have read many books on the sport of swimming, but this is the first in the ‘can’t put it down category’ ...a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in the health and future of the sport of swimming.”

March to Eddies Last Meet Special Combo

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